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Mathieu started to work in the film industry as an editor for the french TV channel CANAL+ in 2012. He quickly directed the Behind The Scenes for the famous series Créations Originales CANAL+ and became director for on-air and digital content for a few years on different programs. 

After several years on the TV scene, he then left the channel to devote himself to his personal artistic film career and founded his own Production Company SAPARI PRODUCTIONS.


In 2019, Mathieu directs, shoots and edits his very first documentary series for AMAZON PRIME France: Mylène Farmer, l'Ultime Création. An immersive documentary series presented in three 45 minutes long episodes, bringing to the viewer a very intimate insight of Mylene’s creative process.


A musician by heart and formed since a very young age, Mathieu has an innate sense of rhythm combining happily and dynamically the aesthetics of image and sound. Constantly inspired by painting, travel, music videos and commercials as well, he has a profound sense of listening and storytelling, translated in the know how of communicating the project’s message and soul in a visually striking way. 


Mathieu is currently shooting his next documentary and working on several feature films and commercial projects. Always looking forward to get involved in a new adventure and discover new stories!

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